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Welcome to Tzourkas N.
proffessionals at Pattern Making

Our name is synonymous with Pattern Making and Cast Marine Spare Parts with experience in this sector.

We provide high-quality products.

Precise patterns ensure high accuracy of final product and
are one of the most important stages in the manufacturing process of casting items of complex geometry.



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Pattern Making

We offer a combination of a progressive approach to design and manufacturing technology.

About Us

Pattern Making

The company has developed a specialist, and market-leading pattern-making process that offers advantages over conventional methods. It enables the company to offer a very large number of very accurate standard and custom-designed items.

The process is fast and it reduces the cost.

CNC Machining

Our extensive industry expertise allows us to provide efficient CNC machining:

  • Fully machined wood and / or 3D printed CNC patterns.
  • Patterns built to foundry specifications or customized based to your requirements.
  • Short-run or full production pattern options.

Problem Solving

For any technical problems, you can call our company and our expert will be able to provide advice by telephone, e-mail or visit. Often, problems can be resolved following a discussion. Sometimes, complex problems may need more detailed examination, but we have the experience to provide unique solutions to the vast majority of casting and foundry related problems.

Our Portofolio

Success depends on how well business partners collaborate and react to changes in design and process,
regardless of their geographical location!

” The future of the foundry industry is completely depent on the training of young men to replace those craftsmen who retire or pass on. Remember, no pattern, no casting! It is as simple as that.”

Our Services

Servicing industry through out Greece and Europe!
When it comes to designing spare parts for vessels around the world, we want incredible precision. Our team of design specialists is able to specify exactly the vessel's needs in order to meet its specific performance requirements!
Anything you need can be custom designed to precisely match the requirements of the vessel application.

Creative and DynamicAdaptive and FlexibleEver-ready to serve you.

We can obtain a high-quality for a wide variety of spare parts. The benefit of this design and manufacturing process is that performance and efficiency are always optimized for the specific application needed.
Spare parts are 100% CNC machined - to hair thickness accuracy over every square inch.
With precise engineering specific for each application, it is no surprise that our company can warrant the incredible performance on every spare part we manufacture.
We deliver every order using an integrated design and manufacturing process. Computer-generated design geometry is transferred into castings. Then we put through accuracy CNC machining which guarantees the highest accuracy specific and performance for your vessel.


Geometry combine to produce ultra-high efficiency spare parts. Through extensive research, we have been able to fine compositions of alloys to achieve the highest quality, most reputable material, the highest level of corrosion resistance and the highest strength.
Our company manufactures a variety of castings according to customer specifications, such as pump parts, gear castings, and components for diverse industries for over 25 years. We have great experience on our field, therefore we are able to provide you with complete manufacturing solutions, consulting services and design.
We can offer various cast iron products based on customer needs and design.  It's often possible to hand-mold and cast several trial pieces before mounting and gating is applied.  This can help to identify problem areas of the casting that may need risers or more complex gating.

Tzourkas N. Co.isAwesomeUniqueDynamic

Tzourkas N. is a manufacturing company.  We have always been committed to knowledge of products, industries and processes. We are committed to being a professional, moral, and ethical company. A company built on integrity and reputation. Our goal is to help our customers by providing value in our products and services.

Quality Policy

"Tzourkas Nikolaos Co" is committed to achieve the best quality with all products and processes. The final product that is supplied has passed a full process of quality procedures.

If you have any problem, get in touch – we are here to help you!


Our vision is to be a company with capabilities far broader than those of a traditional pattern shop.

We choose wood based on a variety of factors such as stability, durability, and life expectancy of the pattern. Most patterns are comprised mainly of wood. We will also use plastic resins, epoxies, fiberglass and other composites for our foundry patterns – if necessary.

We try continually to improve our skills and knowledge which will help us carry out these values.

Our Location

Take a look around to our website to see the areas we specialise in. You are able to contact us to initiate the Instant Problem Solving process. 

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"Tzourkas Nikolaos" company's team is always here for you. Send us an email with your requests and one of our specialized technicians will contact you to analyse your needs and understand how we can help you.

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