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CAD Software for Solid Models

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CAD Software

A replica of an object is called Pattern. Success depends on how well business partners collaborate and react to changes in design and process, regardless of their geographical location. Depending upon the severity level of the errors encountered, the only option available may be to re-create the data or the complete model.

Typical errors encountered:

  • Edges and faces having small gaps between them
  • Sliver faces having very thin aspect ratios; difficult to detect.
  • Duplicate vertices and edges etc etc.

Inadequately trained CAD Engineer can compound the problem. There is no substitution for investing in data exchange training.

In our company can be called upon for expert advice and assistance in pinpointing errors and problems, by drawing upon many years experience of working on issues of CAD Interoperability.

Our company has invested in Solid Works CAD software. We are able to take your part idea and render it as a finished solids model. This tool helps us to create and manage machine patterns. Then, we use the patterns that we created to our CNC machine to cut or shape the products we designed.


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N.T. is a manufacturing company. Our vision is to be a company with capabilities far broader than those of a traditional pattern shop.  We do not want to have limits on what we are able to make. We are committed to knowledge of products, industries and processes. This has always been our vision.  We have been an integral part in several products.

  • Committed to be a professional, moral, and ethical company.
  • We are a company built on integrity and reputation.
  • Our goal is to help our customers. Therefore, we provide value not only in our products, but, also, in our services.

We choose wood based on a variety of factors such as stability, durability, and life expectancy of the pattern. Most patterns are comprised mainly of wood.

We will also use plastic resins, epoxies, fiberglass and other composites for our foundry patterns – if necessary.

We use metal for a large number of castings or in a pressure cast match plate, if a piece has an offset parting line. We, also, use metal where required. Metal Pattern equipment can be supplied. It is suited to high volume applications including gravity dies and pressure dies for all industries.


We try continually to improve our skills and knowledge which will help us carry out these values.



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